Tomavision offers co-production opportunities and service work under one of the World’s most powerful TAX Incentive Scheme for Animation


Tomavision, state-of-the-art studio, offers extraordinary co-production opportunities and service work with an excellent tax rebate on expenditures. Thanks to the Canary Islands’ unbeatable TAX Incentives Program put forward by the Regional Government, under Article 36.1,  Tomavision is fully prepared to assist you in taking full advantage of these resources.

Currently, we are co-producing animated TV Series under this TAX Incentive, and we would love to help you out on your productions!



50-45% Tax Credit Per Investment

If you invest in Spanish productions made in the Canary Islands with Tomavision as a co-producer, you will obtain deduction percentages, which are 50% for the first million Euros and 45% from the second million.

The deduction is base on the total eligible cost of production, including making copies and publicity and promotion expenses. Please, contact us to take full advantage of this Co-production Tax Rebate. 


50% Tax Rebate on production expenditures of minimum 200.000 euros

[NEW] Recently, the Canary Islands Government has updated the tax law (36.2), which improves this tax rebate!

Now, we offer the opportunity to any international company of taking advantage of this new service work tax incentive based on a minimum expenditure of 200.000 euros.

You no longer need to spend a minimum of one million euros to benefit from this Tax Rebate. As such, you can now commission smaller portions of work that amounts to 200.000 euros, such as scripting, storyboards, animatic, animation 2D and 3D, layout and compositing, ink & paint, backgrounds, voice-over, music, etcetera.

The amount of the 50% tax break is deducted from the corporate income tax, once the production service is completed. Please, contact us to take full advantage of this Service Work Tax Rebate.